Our Winners

It feels good to win!

Here are a few of the fine people who discovered goodgroceries.ca and won!

Not only did they discover how easy it is to play and win, they also found valuable information about what Alberta Safeway workers are all about, what unions are all about, and what it means to stand together as retail food workers.

Whether you’re a unionized Safeway worker, a non-union Sobeys worker, or a customer, this game will provide some insight into what Safeway workers are thinking as they get ready to negotiate for the first time with their new employer Sobeys.

Play often. Draws for winners occur each week! Will you be next?

Daria Douglas

Daria works as a children’s caregiver and she loves kids. Daria and her boyfriend were driving when she saw the billboard advertising the contest and started playing the game on her phone. It was just that random and easy! She didn’t expect to win but she’s happy that she did. Congrats, Daria and thanks for playing!

Leon Murray Wright

Leon is a 42 year Safeway worker at Edmonton’s Grange location. Leon found out about the contest through an information pamphlet at work. His coworkers were teasing him that no one would actually win this kind of contest. Leon didn’t listen to them, went to the website and played the game and now he is the one laughing! Thanks for playing Leon!

Michelle Winchester

Michelle works at the U of A and happened to see one of the goodgroceries.ca billboards in Edmonton and decided to check out the website. She had fun playing and learning about what’s going on and was very surprised to win $250 worth of groceries! Michelle never expect that she would win. Will you be the next one to be happily surprised?

Fran Weekes

Finding our contest on Facebook, Fran is one of our recent winners in this contest. Having retired 3 years ago, Fran worked in the Federal Government for 33 years and is very proud to have belonged to her union at that workplace. She spends most of her time doing volunteer work now. In fact, she voluteers at Wings of Providence for 10 years and realized that she’s heard of us before when talking to Union Organizer Catherine Lelis about 401’s shoe drive last year where we collected nearly 1000 pairs of shoes for women in need. It’s a small world! Congrats, Fran. We are thrilled you played and won.

Lucy Nicoletti

Lucy received the information about the campaign from her sister. She played the game on her iPad and it froze a couple of times but was still able to enter into the contest. She said that the obligations for the employer are to have fair pricing, fully stocked items, convenience, and fair treatment of employees. Congratulations, Lucy and thank you for your interest in Safeway workers and fairness.

Nancy Dallaire

Nancy is one of our latest winners of the contest. Working at one of the St. Albert Safeway stores, Nancy heard about the contest through her Shop Steward Margaret McCauley when she brought it up as a topic of discussion at the morning store meeting. Nancy believes that grocery stores have an obligation to their communities to support them and should promote a workplace that is healthy and happy. “Happy and healthy employees make for happy and healthy communities”, she says. Never believing she’d win, Nancy is now committed to ensuring all her coworkers enter the contest regularly. Thanks for the support, Nancy and congratulations!

Grace Struthers

Grace found out about this contest through Facebook. Her and her husband Mike are self-employed and were aware that Safeway was unionized but didn’t know before playing the Goodgroceries.ca contest that Sobeys employees were not! Grace, like many customers, is frustrated with the lack of items on the shelves at Sobeys that are used in the flyer to draw customers to their stores. We are very grateful that she is also so supportive of the employees at Safeway and is going to support them no matter the outcome of negotiations. She commits to continue her support of the workers throughout their stuggles with Sobeys to ensure fairness and a company they can be once again proud to work for. Congratulations and thanks for playing, Grace!